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Bikini BOLD 90-day Program
Speaker and Workshop Sessions


Gina is a Mindset, Fitness & Lifestyle Coach, Speaker, Certified Behavioral Analyst with the John Maxwell Team, Host of the Bold Confidence Podcast with Gina and an NPC Bikini Competitor +50.


Congratulation Gina!

2022 NPC Dallas Championships

1st place in the women over 50+

2nd place in the 45+

5th Novice Bikini

Gina is passionate about her faith, family and fitness journey, and supporting other women in theirs. 

So, are YOU READY to feel freak'n fabulous?

click "coaching" now, lets get started.


What We Offer



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Owner and Founder

Personal note from Gina:


June 2019 I remember having a "come to Jesus talk" with myself and it wasn't pretty. I was actually pretty discouraged with myself.  Living another year on repeat, same health goals, fluctuating on weight and staring at the same business goals. 

I was sick-and-tired to my excuses and tired of living in fear, fear of failing and honestly LAZY! I was comfortable doing what I wanted, eating what I wanted... but THAT wasn't going too well for me obviously. 


I would like to encourage YOU to STEP into your Bold Confidence self TODAY and STOP over-thinking it, STOP waiting for the perfect time, STOP questioning yourself and START taking the scary actions that lead to personal growth.  Connect with me today! I guarantee progress, support and accountability.  


Register to learn more about the BOLD Confidence Bikini BOLD 90-day online program, private business coaching or to speak at your event.


Stay tuned for Leadership Masterminds coming soon.


The Journey Towards Confidence 

Begins on the Path of Self Love.

Begin Your Journey Today.

We are very pleased with the business coaching we received from Gina Mateychick. She was very encouraging and helped us set up practical goals. When we met with her she always had ideas to better engage our clients and different strategies that helped our business grow. I highly recommends her!

Bib & Tucker Boutique

- Laura & Rebekah

Gina is a remarkable, wise coach who listens without judgment.  She can hear you fully in a way few people can. She helped me realize that I don’t have to wait for the perfect moment  to perfect my plan! I have to take the first step regardless if it’s perfect or not! She taught me to be bold and fearless. Thank you Gina so much! I can without reservation recommend her to any woman who feels that she is stuck and needs a boost of boldness in her life .

- Baha Fady Srour

My gratitude to Gina Mateychick for her friendship and enthusiastic coaching! Gina has a tremendous gift to help you: get clarity of your vision, organize a game plan, and stay on track to achieve your goals. Working with her has created the perfect environment for me to identify what has kept me stuck, and give me the practical tools I need to move forward. We are just getting started!

- Heather Buffington


Let’s Get   BOLD

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