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Meet Gina

Founder of Bold Confidence,

Speaker, NPC Bikini Competitor

& John Maxwell Team Coach

....glimpse of my journey


My breakthrough moment 2017:


My marriage of 7 years fell apart. I was told to "Get Out and that he didn't want a family anymore".  So, after scrounging up what money I did have to my name, me and my 3 boys moved out 9 days later. It was the most unexpected horrific thing ever to have experienced.  Little did I know at that time, my breakdown would turn into the breakthrough that I needed (for the change that was to come).

One day, I heard a podcast that changed my life. "The Boss Life Podcast with Stefanie Peters" called Unstuck. She lifted me up virtually giving me the HOPE and inspiration that I needed to face my God size dreams. She helped me create a personal Power Word that transformed my life and now I have the honor of supporting other women to do the same. "BOLD CONFIDENCE LLC was born.

From there I got hyper focused on changing my thought patterns and my self-belief, and took massive action on accepting ownership and responsibility of my weight gain and building the muscle definition that I desired by 50 years old.  I challenged myself to get comfortable being uncomfortable, stop bully myself and start aligning my beliefs, values and self image with the Word of God.


I learned to let go of my past pain, abuse, victim mentality and anger, and start building Bold Confidence.  Which all took time, prayers and lots of baby steps.  


2018 My marriage started to heal.  It took two years living separately working on our own self, relying on prayer and HARD work. Surrendering our pride and ego, and choosing to heal our own past and start a new future together.


2019  at 48 years old, I DECIDED, I was ALL-IN !!!!

I refused to re-live another year on repeat. Staring at the same biz goals, same body fat, same list of things I wanted to get done but never followed through with them (because fear of failing). 

June 2019 I had a "come to Jesus talk with myself"

I got super curious on "WHAT my life would look like by 50 years old having my best body. (and taking serious action in my business). Not a skinny body or  a 25 year old body, but my best body at my age.  I went to work:

  • By May 2020 I launched my first Bold Confidence Podcast Show, now hosted on 6 platforms.

  • June 2020 I competed in my first NPC Bikini Competition +50

  • August 2020 Sold Out my first Mastermind Group

  • Sept 2020 I hosted my first Bold Confidence Womens Empowerment Conference, where Stefanie Peters was my Key Note speaker.

  • May 2020 I joined the John Maxwell Team and became certified as a behavioral analyst, coach and speaker by Aug 2021.

Take the FIRST action step and let's lock arms into your NEW journey! Click on "work together now"

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BOLD Confidence Anthem

-BOLD Confidence is the Power of YOU

-BOLD Confidence is forgiving yourself and forgiving your past

-BOLD Confidence is letting go of the past pain, anger, neglect, abuse, insecurities and all the self-sabotaging cycling words that play over and over in your head that no longer serve you.

-BOLD Confidence is letting go of your past that does NOT define you, but it does define the strength within you.

-BOLD Confidence is owing who Jesus Christ has created in you and STEPPING into what Jesus has waiting for you

-BOLD Confidence is becoming her right now

-BOLD Confidence is taking responsibility of her own thoughts, emotions, actions, motivation, momentum and self-love every singe day

-BOLD Confidence is comparing HER-SELF only to herself 

-BOLD Confidence is having the FAITH to STEP into her and TRUST her

-BOLD Confidence is YOU

About Bold Confidence

What we stand for and what it means!

see you next time

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